Knitted skirts

Knit skirt with a tiger design

The current knitted skirt trends

Knitwear is currently very in. And this beautiful trend is not stopping for anything, even skirts. We are loving it, because the high-quality knit fabrics from TAIFUN give the skirts a wonderfully feminine drape and a flattering silhouette. A current favourite for fashion fans: the godet skirt. This goes great with a mullet top that showcases the waist.

What to wear with knitted skirts

The chic knitted skirts from TAIFUN should be at least knee length. This is the perfect length for a really nice, clean look. Midi lengths, whether it be a slim-fitting pencil skirt, a swirling godet skirt or classic wrap skirt, create a simple, effective look when paired with slim-fitting tops and ankle boots or court shoes.

Trendy styling tips for knitted skirts

Many people are afraid to try the floor-length variety. Totally without reason, because even in a slim maxi length the knitted skirt is a stylish piece to mix and match. It makes textures and artistic patterns twice as effective. And to maximise the impact, make sure other aspects of the outfit are more low key. Simple tops and shoes are perfect. Definitely avoid more knitwear because that would steal the show from the skirt.