Knee-length skirts

Pencil skirt
Pencil skirt
Knit skirt with a tiger design
Skirt with a check pattern
Satin skirt

The current knee-length skirt trends

Apparently by chance, knee-length skirts have established themselves as a fashion must-have. But accidents happen as little in fashion as they do in mathematics. This is because clever fashion professionals have discovered the medium skirt length for themselves and their trendy looks show what the figure-flattering combo partner is capable of. Especially fresh with floral prints and colour-block stripes along with a summer top and platform sandals.

What to wear with knee-length skirts

Even lovers of elegant outfits will love the new trendy length. The knee-length skirt is made for fashionable scenarios where subtlety in style and elegance is required. Solid colours with a classic straight cut are simply the best in clean chic. Bear in mind: classic tops and shoes can also be combined. Loafers are currently the preferred styling partner for the feet.

Trendy style tips for knee-length skirts

Time for a colour affirmation! Because with intense red, blue, green and yellow, you will ensure that you are noticed on the fashion stage. Most suitable for stylish colour flash effects are knee-length skirts with clean cuts without any flouncy details. To achieve this, combine clean-cut tops in muted tones, which leave the skirt room to unfold its full colour power.