Flared skirts

Soft, midi-length A-line skirt
Satin skirt
Pleated skirt in a midi length
Midi skirt with a belt bag

The current flared skirt trends

Sounds girly, but it’s ultra feminine. This has not gone unnoticed by international designers, who have created heavenly looks for the fashion runways. The current undisputed champion is the pure white look consisting of a flared skirt – knee length at most and made of delicate materials, so that it has some fluidity but does not flap around – plus an airy chiffon blouse. This looks perfect with chocolate brown accessories such as ankle boots and a clutch.

What to wear with flared skirts

In understated colours and high-quality, finely woven materials, even minimalist fans will learn to love the flared skirt. The following applies as a basic principle: the more delicate the material, the less bulky it is. And in combination with simple tops and jumpers, this comfortable, stylish piece is also a definite favourite amongst less-is-more fans.

Trendy styling tips for flared skirts

As early as the 80s, the pouf skirt was already being praised to high fashion heaven as a cheerful, swirling feel-good piece. And rightly so. This simple styling wonder lets you create relaxed, elegant French outfits in a flash. Combined with a striped top and a long blazer, a flared skirt is a favourite summer companion for fashionable women. Cute tip: wrap a waist belt around the long blazer a couple of times for a beautiful silhouette.