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The current oversized jumper trends

Watch out, trend alarm! Oversized jumpers have come straight from the fashion runway to conquer the hearts of fashion fans everywhere. Why are these XL pieces so popular? There is hardly anything out there as comfortable and as easy to style. Style with what? Style with everything! Just put one on and enjoy the show. Good to know: a thin leather belt can go a long way in taming their unruly size.

What to wear with jumpers

Minimal meats maximal: the dynamic oversized jumper actually has little to do with straight lines and simple cuts. But clean chic fans definitely didn’t want to miss out on this super comfortable mega trend, so they contrast the giant piece with very slim trousers and skirts in elegant materials and classic shoes in order to bring the proportions back into balance.

Trendy styling tips for jumpers

Anyone who has tried to wear a mini skirt underneath an oversized jumper knows how little sense that makes. And that’s why fashion pros just leave the skirt out entirely. After all, long, oversized jumpers do just fine on their own. Leggings and leather ankle boots make sure that the oversized jumper doesn’t get too lonely all on its own. Favourite colour? Try all in black!

Oversized jumpers


Over the top – oversized jumpers from TAIFUN now have cult status.

Oversized jumpers: Unfortunately, our products in this category are currently not available. You can already look forward to new items here, which we will add to our assortment with the upcoming collection. Do not miss the start and subscribe now for our fashion news: