Shirt blouses

Sleeveless blouse made of EcoVero viscose
Cotton blouse with a glittery button placket
Long blouse with an animal print, EcoVero
Long blouse with an all-over print made of EcoVero viscose

Favourite look

The blouse top combines the look of a blouse with the comfort of a T-shirt. A simple style without a button placket or with a mid-length button placket at the most is typical of this cut. Sometimes the front section of a blouse top is made of flowing blouse fabric, while the soft jersey back caresses the skin. The blouse top tends to come in a casual cut, allowing plenty of movement without losing the feminine look, thus making it a very popular item of clothing. A cool alternative to a classic blouse!

Simple combinations

What to wear with blouse tops: The blouse top has numerous styling possibilities as it is both stylish and comfortable. This versatile item of clothing is suitable for leisure activities as well as work or evening wear. A flowing blouse top will even give a cool pair of jeans a sophisticated edge. It will also add an elegant, chic touch to a classic trouser suit. The blouse top will help you bring out your feminine side!

Up-to-date fashion advice for the courageous

Not only do blouse tops add a feminine touch, but they are also great for flattering the figure. We recommend V-neck blouse tops for women with larger busts as this style has an elongating effect and draws the eye to your beautiful décolletage. Blouse tops with an elasticated waistband or a flared, A-line design cleverly skim subtle curves around the tummy area and hips. Choose flowing fabrics that don't cling to the body. You'll feel great all over!